Measuring Devices

SmartMirror Application for iPad

We continually have our finger on the pulse of what’s new and upcoming in this rapidly-changing industry.  We are proud affiliates of ABS SmartMirror and their complete dispensing application for iPad.  With the SmartMirror app, patients are able to view how they look in multiple frame styles. Plus, you can demonstrate the benefits of non-glare, Transitions, and polarized lenses and various lens materials, plus take custom measurements required for today’s modern progressive lenses.  Call your Interstate sales consultant today to learn more about this cutting-edge technology!

Visioffice 2 by Essilor

Build your practice with the Visioffice 2 system; Today’s cutting edge digital dispensing technology that delivers an accurate, precise, and consistent way to prescribe lenses. By accurately recording the natural position of wear of the patient, the Visioffice 2 offers ECP’s a proven method to ensure patients will get the most from their premium lenses, including Varilux X Series lenses.

Service & Support:  Each Visioffice system includes a limited 3-year Warranty and a dedicated team of support staff. Each system will also be updated regularly with the latest products and patient demonstrations.

M'EyeFit by Essilor

M’eyefit mirror is a simple and reliable measuring device flexible solution designed to match different practice needs. This system accurately measure for a full range of lens designs, from single vision to personalized digital progressive designs.

Using cutting edge 3D modeling technology to ensure accurate measurements, it is a compact plug and play solution that adapts to all dispensing tables. It’s simple, fast and compatible with all Windows-based PCs.

Service & Support:  Each M’eyefit Mirror system includes a limited 3-year Warranty and a dedicated team of support staff. Each system also includes automatic software and service enhancements.